Our Process


A process that covers everything from A to A : Audit to Analysis!

We deeply examine your current business, its existing and potential markets, customer groups, and run a growth-oriented SWOT analysis.

We hone your competitive advantage and decide on your objectives, SMART goals, customer groups, target personas and KPIs.

We design your unique brand identity and define your visual identity, logo, brand imagery and personalized iconography.

We develop your online presence and review your social media platforms and website thoroughly in terms of insights and KPIs.

Our Process

How it Works

“Change will lead to insight far more often than insight will lead to change.” – Milton H. Erickson.

This is your CIGN for change. Follow these easy steps and watch your business grow!

About CIGN


 Creating a world where digitization is accessible to all. 

The Dreaming Startup

You have this business idea, but you don’t know if it works, or where to start?

The Aspiring Offline Business

Your business is doing just fine, it’s time to launch online but you don't know where to start?

The Willing Online Business

Your business has been online for some time but could do better in sales, yet you're not sure how?