Sure, his hands may be fatty. Assuming the auto technician asking out rinses their fingers frequently, there’s really no explanation to miss from a dinner for just two with this specific tradesman.

1. Your vehicle is going to run efficiently — around forever.

2. Aspects are not afraid of obtaining dirty.

3. Auto mechanics are good through its hands.

4. You’ll have the means to access information, device systems, and hard-to-find extra elements.

5. Auto mechanics tend to be optimists. They do not get rid of broken material; instead they begin to see the prospective in every single part.

6. Mechanics tend to be liable and trustworthy. Other individuals believe your day for their personal protection on your way.

7. Your date improves the everyday lives of others, assisting all of them can in which they need to get.

8. Aspects work nicely under pressure. They even work nicely with force — virtually.

9. Mechanics tend to be hook up women for difficult, constantly in search of an opportunity to enhance a design.

10. Technicians are interesting and consistently discovering. They grab things aside just to learn how situations function.

11. You will have the opportunity to create unacceptable jokes about performance.

12. Technicians are chronic and insist on getting the job done correctly.

13. Auto mechanics value quality, double-checking their unique work.

14. Auto mechanics invest their particular days covered in fat. They know ideas on how to cleanup really.

15. Mechanics realize security protocol together with importance of enough safety.